👤 #Weekly_Community_Report

⚡️ @ENEXSPACE has been listed on it’s first CEX, Biki Exchange! You can buy and sell $ENX with USDT here ➡️ https://www.biki.com/en_US/trade/ENX_USDT

⚡️ To celebrate the listing on Biki, there are 40,000 ENX up for grabs in a grid trading competition, read full details here ➡️ https://bit.ly/2SPHzmI

⚡️ The team did an AMA with the community on 19th May — you can listen to the recording here ➡️ https://anchor.fm/enexspace/episodes/05192021-ENEX-AMA-e116g6v

⚡️ The hack event is still ongoing, we need your help to find the master-key of the encrypted message — the winner can earn 1500+ ENQ! See if you can crack the code here ➡️ https://pulse-network.eu/index.php?open=info

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